About Debbie Warnock

"I love living and making art in the small town of Chatham, VA.  This easy going, friendly place quietly informs my art with a sense of belonging and joy." -Debbie Warnock


It was a hot summer day. I was 2 1/2 years old standing barefoot in the grass beside the rusting wire fence in our backyard. I watched as my dad lifted the lid off a new can of silver metallic paint. It was the most magical sight I’d ever seen! Swirls of silver moved and glistened in the sunshine. It was like it was alive! My dad dipped a big brush into the can and handed it to me! I dribbled paint on my fingers and toes as I ran the brush along the rusty wire for the first time. That thick silver dripped ever so slowly. It was like Mama’s fudge cooking in the pan on the stove and seemed just as yummy to my eyes! Painting was sheer joy! I knew I wanted to do it again!

Decades have passed… but when I watch paint roll off my brush I know the heart of that little girl is still beating inside me…still aware of the delicious joy that painting brings! This is my WHY. My REASON. My MOTIVATION. My eyes crave color…patterns…contrasts…mystery. I need to play, to say “what if”, to risk messing up a perfectly good painting for the chance to create one that sings its own song! I love happy accidents, do overs, serendipitous moments, laughter and hope. All of these thoughts and emotions energize me as I work with paint and paper. I believe art is comfort food for the soul…and I’m just a lady in the kitchen who loves to cook! 

Debbie Warnock